Working Vacation: Day 2

I’m sure you are all so interested in what we are doing with our vacation, and that is why I am doing this. Also, all the hotels have free wifi, so I have to do something with it!

Today we woke up and I went down to grab some breakfast. I also happened to grab part of our lunch, but they don’t need to know that. Tim had one meeting in the morning so Calvin and I hung out in the room before he came back and we checked out. It was quite a task trying to keep Calvin from dialling the front desk and asking for more toilet paper to shred.

Tim’s next meeting was in downtown Medicine Hat so I took Calvin on a little stroll down the street. Next was a picnic lunch and some playground time! He had so much energy to burn off!


It was getting hot out so Tim dropped us off at Target and went for yet another meeting, then picked us up shortly after and we went to Medicine Hat’s main attraction, the Historic Clay District. Because this is a not-budgeted-for vacation, we didn’t pay to go in the museum, but we peeked around and it looked like it would be a interesting one, if you are passing through and want to do something.

Medicine Hat seems like quite a lovely town. We drove around the residential areas a bit, and they are filled with cute old homes. Seems like a nice place to retire to.

We returned to the highway and made our way back west, and Calvin finally had a decent nap.

We are staying in Cochrane for the next two nights. Hopefully we can find some more fun things to do!

One thought on “Working Vacation: Day 2

  1. Monika Thiessen

    The phone comment made me smile and remember when Chris and I went to Mexico with her granddaughter, M would race into the room ahead of us all the time and head straight for the phone, grab paper and pen and just jabber. I don’t know if she actually was able to ever hit the right numbers to call anyone.


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