About Me

The place where you learn all the weird tidbits about me, in no particular order.

I used to read while I walked to school
I’m a mom, but I don’t wear yoga pants
I hate being late, and get twitchy if I know we are going to be late but am not the one driving
I got the Top Marketing 12 award, but only because I was the only one who did all my homework
I’m a mom, but I only caffeinate socially
I’ve never been stung by a bee
I have been breastfeeding non-stop since my first child was born
I generally avoid all things pop culture, but have somehow gotten myself addicted to Grey’s Anatomy
I have super tiny toenail beds
I worked for 4 years at the number one hotel in Victoria (as rated on Trip Advisor)
I’ve played the piano, recorder, ukuklele, clarinet and trumpet
I find scarves to be too stuffy and annoying to wear
I dream of having Lorelei Gilmore‘s job, but not the rest of her life
my husband and I dated only 6 weeks before getting engaged
I have 3 boys, but will never describe myself as a “boy-mom”
my favourite household chore is tidying and organizing
my least favourite household chore is dusting
I love the suburban life
I wanted to marry a blonde guy so I would have blonde, curly-headed kids, and it happened!View More: http://vanessavoth.pass.us/timandlarissa


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