Working Vacation: Day 1

A couple weeks ago Tim learned that he would probably have a business trip to go on. At first I was a little sad because it lined up right after we got possession of the house, so I would have been all alone for a week, organizing and tidying everything. But then we had the idea that Calvin and I could go along! Why not, right? It was just a bonus that part of the trip included Banff and Lake Louise.

I actually think this is a much needed break for me. If there was ever a time I would consider myself stressed, it would be the past two days. I was frequently getting annoyed at small things and frustrated with things that couldn’t be helped. I am glad I can leave behind the mess and disorganization and do nothing without feeling the least bit of guilt. Then I can tackle everything with a renewed energy and (somehow still not swollen) feet that don’t feel bruised when we return.

So this morning Tim popped into the office to grab some things then picked up the rental car, and we left the house at noon, headed towards Medicine Hat. The drive was of course uneventful, with the exception of driving through a thunder storm just outside of Calgary.


We checked into our hotel, then headed to Montana’s for supper. It’s going to be fun using a per Diem that is meant for one person and letting it be our entire budget. Those thrifty Sevenhuysens!

Tomorrow Tim has a few interviews lined up in Medicine Hat, and then we will head west toward Bragg Creek. We will see what Calvin and I get up to while Tim works. I’m especially interested in seeing how Calvin will nap when we are between hotels. What an adventure! If you are interested in what Tim is working on, his company has been hired by Tourism Alberta to check in to how the floods have affected the tourism industry. It’s a project of his that interests me a bit more than his usual stuff, coming out of that industry myself, so it’s fun that I get to tag along.

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