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Just recently my work (where I no longer work, but I receiving the benefits for until Tim starts getting his) added optical to their plans. Hallelujah! I have been sporting the same glasses and lenses for 7 years. I take good care of my stuff, but you are bound to have to use a t-shirt at some point to clean them during that time, guaranteeing some fine scratches.

I thought I would use this opportunity to go down memory lane with regards to my vision correction devices.

I got my first prescription in grade 3, and here I am in grade 4 with my very first pair:

Nothing like a frame touching your cheeks.

A couple years later I downsized. This is my grade 6 school photo:

I wore overalls until grade 10. Didn’t you?

This one is from grade 9 when nose pads were out and plastic frames were in:

This also happens to be my favourite school photo.

The year after I graduated highschool, I convinced my mom to get me one last pair, before I had to start paying for it on my own. These are the ones that served me for the past 7 years:

My favourite part of them was that they had green on the inside of the arms, like a colourful little secret.

And just this afternoon, these ones landed on my front step:

Back to plastic frames with no nose pads.

Apparently my prescription changed an itsy bitsy amount, and got a little better. Even though it was just a tiny change, looking through these new lenses makes it seem like I am seeing in HD. Colours are crisper and lines are sharper. It’s amazing what a few little scratches on lenses and a little bit of a wrong prescription can change the view.

And can I say how easy shopping at Clearly Contacts is? I took advantage of their “Get Your First Pair Free” sale. It ends tomorrow, so you can still get in on the deal! I did have to pay for the lenses though, since my prescription requires special things done, but the benefits will cover it! Hooray!

5 thoughts on “New Specs

  1. Sheila Thiessen

    Nice glasses….we’ve made MANY purchases through Clearly Contacts in the last couple of years – and have never been sorry.

  2. Lisa

    great glasses who makes them ? What style are they ? I looked thru all the glasses @ clearly contacts can’t find yours


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