Getting in a Groove

I am feeling settled in to life here, I think. Weekly patterns are forming, and I am making new friends.

I have been going to a moms and tots group at the church we are going to every Tuesday morning which is quite fun. There are only a handful of moms so it’s easy to get to know them, and it’s fun seeing Calvin interact with other kids. Or rather watch them interact with him. He just watches quietly as they pet his head or take toys from him. It turn out it really IS easy to take toys from a baby!

Tuesday evenings are the small group. I have only gone once since they have a rotation of one week for the ladies, next week a group service night, then the guys have their week, and then it’s a group get together. I didn’t go to the service night a couple weeks ago because there was orientation I was not there for. But tomorrow is the group get together, and this will be the first time Tim will go. I am looking forward to getting to know everybody a bit more and for Tim to feel like he has a place too.

I’ve also made a new friend! Amy’s cousin, Dee, moved here about a year ago from Abbotsford, and we have hung out a couple times. Yesterday she and her husband and one-year-old son, as well as Jordan and Amy, came over for the football game. It was fun having other people to hang out with and play games and such.

Other than that, If my walls could talk, they would tell you I do laundry every Monday, Wednesday and Friday, and have started to get back into crocheting. On the weekends Tim and I hang out and get stuff done. Next Saturday we have an appointment for our car to get checked so it can get registered here. We also need to get a block heater installed.

So life is good and full. In under a month we will be driving back over the mountains to our families on the coast for some Christmas celebrations! We are praying for good weather conditions and safe travels. Does anybody have experience driving wintery mountainous roads?

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