Christmas Tree Light Up

I am used to the downtown life of Victoria when it comes to special events and fun activities, so when I heard that Edmonton’s Christmas Tree Light Up was happening this weekend, I was excited to go! When we got there, there weren’t too many people, but by the end of the night, it was shoulder to shoulder in the square.

Amy was singing lovely Christmas carols with her choir as part of the entertainment.

Right in front of city hall, they flooded the square so it made an ice rink. We stood Calvin on the ice, and right away he got his excited, jumpy legs on. You could say he took to it like a hockey player to the rink. Don’t look too closely at the ice…it’s pretty gross looking.

After the tree was lit up, there were fireworks and Calvin loved to watch them. I was quite impressed with them! Every Canada Day in Victoria, people are disappointed with the display, but these, for the humble little Christmas Tree lighting day, were quite comparable  Let’s see what they pull out of their hat for other holidays!

It was a fun evening, but cold. I have never seen so many children in show suits all in one place! And it did a good job of getting me in the Christmas spirit, although that isn’t hard to do.

Are you looking forward to any specific Christmas events in your town?

4 thoughts on “Christmas Tree Light Up

  1. Catherine Sevenhuysen

    So jelly! I miss you all. We’re having a crazy windstorm here. Power outages etc. I wish it was a snow storm!. See you in a month or so!

  2. Anna

    That’s so cool! Did you hear they’re forgoing the ice rink downtown this year and put up a ferris wheel instead?

    Calvin looks like a toddler standing up in his snow suit. Danger.


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