Aunty Amy

As you may or may not know, Amy has been living with us since the end of April. Last night was her last night here with us. Tim and I took advantage of that and went for a late evening walk. I don’t remember the last time we did that, and it reminded me of our dating and engaged months of Tim walking me back to my place from his. Only Millwoods is nowhere near as cool as the Rockland area of Victoria. I digress.

It has been so special to have Amy with us. It was such a unique opportunity to get to know our future family member! When I was little, we also had a couple of my uncles stay with us at different times. It was fun, and though I don’t have many memories from those times, I’m sure it was very rewarding.

While it wasn’t all sunshine and happiness (because it never is when you stick people in a house together), it was mostly wonderful! Calvin sure loved it. It was funny listening to him knock very maturely on her door and call her name in as many different summoning tones as he knew, which is quite a few, actually.

There was lots of quality time spent together.

22 (3)

Playing Mario Kart.

9 (1)

Eating snacks.

6 (2)

Sharing the phone so both could have a conversation with Uncle Jordan.

23 (1)

Seeing Uncle Jordan in person!

23 (8)

Victor had fun too.

23 (7)

There are always books to read.

While we will miss having you around, Amy, we know that you are on to much great things. We can’t wait to celebrate your marriage with you in just a few short weeks!

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