The Zoo

While Tim’s parents were here, we took a trip to the zoo. This was the first time we went when Calvin actually cared a little bit about the animals, so it was fun! We actually bought an annual pass, so we will be going more often. It’s not something we normally would have done, but sometimes we need to be forced out of our home and backyard and do other things. Having already spent the money to go makes us do that.

I think Calvin’s favourite part was the petting zoo. And it was probably the sheep’s and goat’s favourite part of their day when they got a Calvin hug.

zoo1His second favourite thing? The carousel!

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zoo2And the last item to do on our trip: take a train ride.

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We’ve already been back once since, and it was great! I think we could just go for a quick hour, and see something different every time. That way it stays interesting.

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