Our New Backyard

This WAS our yard. Somewhat small with a dingy fence. We knew when we bought the place last summer that we wanted to fix it up because we have kids that need to run around!Backyard (2) Pretty flowery bush though!Backyard (1)Behind the yard, beside the driveway was this space. In the listing it was advertised as RV parking, but not only do we not have an RV, there were too many mounds of broken concrete and rock and debris to park anything there.

Backyard (3) Backyard (4) So we made plans to expand the lawn! Tim’s dad was instrumental in getting it done. He ripped up the old fence, and then we had the landscaper come in and level it all out. 30 (4) 28 (1)We had lumber delivered to build the new fence, and the boys got right to work!

30 (2) 30 (7) 1 (27) 1 (31) Okay, so we know people with an RV. 2 (4) In addition, we have this side part of our house that I wanted to do something with. Backyard (6)We had the landscaper scrape that part even as well, since he had the cat there and he could easily get back there without a fence present. It is south facing, so I am going to build a couple garden boxes there next spring.
Backyard (7)We then had a rather long hiatus, due to rain, between Tim’s parents leaving and getting more done. It took a while to get the top soil, and then a while longer to get the sod delivered. But yesterday the grass came, and this morning Tim finished the job!backyard after 4 So here is the completed fence from the back lane. Doesn’t that fence just invite you to see what’s going on on the other side?backyard after Well wait no longer! Here is our yard, more than doubled in size!backyard after 3 It will look better yet once we get a weed whacker. Next summer we will probably seal the wood. Or paint? I don’t know yet. I would like to paint over the older, darker brown part.

Along the back portion, it is a little wider, for just a bit extra running around room.
backyard after 2We have to water it like mad over the next week, and we can’t fully use it until after that. We are leaving on vacation in a week, so once we get home in July, then we can put to to full use for the rest of the summer!

Here is a side by side before and after:backyard collage


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