Weird Drivers

In my life I do not normally come across strange situations. Some people attract them; I am not one of those people. But this evening as we were driving home from Bible study, we were presented with a strange situation.

We were driving south on Street X. We came upon our Avenue Y and stopped at the red light, waiting to turn left. However, we were behind a car that was approximately one car length behind the stop line. I right away said to Tim, “I hope they are on the censor.” This light normally turns to a green arrow fairly quickly, so after two turns of the Street lights going red so cars from the Avenue could have their turn, I asked Tim if I should honk. We decided to wait for one more light cycle. It came and went, so I let Max give out a polite little “honk”. The car did not budge. One more light cycle happens and by this time there are two or three more cars behind us.

I decide to get out of my car and get the attention of the driver. I was smart enough to wave and not knock because that would have been frightening for her. And she was smart enough to open her back window and not the front window because I could have been a crazy person. I say something along the lines of “I think you may need to pull forward a bit so you are on the censor.” She shakes her head like she thinks I don’t know what I am talking about and silently closes her window.

I walk back to the car and decide that I will pull out of the lane and turn right instead, then pull a u-turn so I can go straight through on the Avenue. As I am waiting for the traffic to clear so I can do that, the driver in front of me decides that the light must not be working and pulls into the other lane and goes straight through, down the Street. Yay! Now I can pull forward and the whole lane of cars will be able to turn left! So of course, as soon as I get to the stop line, I notice the light coming north has turned red to let us have a turn because a truck stopped. Right away we finally get our green arrow!

But wait! The story doesn’t end there! As soon as I start turning, the truck, that was already stopped at its red light, decides to continue straight through, as I was turning left! Thankfully the intersection is huge so it was nowhere close to hitting me, but what a crazy little string of events!

Then we got home and everything was back to normal.

5 thoughts on “Weird Drivers

  1. Naomi Janzen

    Two things…

    First, I think I must be crazy or I must attract crazy people… I’m definitely one of *those* people that attracts that sort of insanity. :-P

    Second, you have way more guts than me. I’ve wanted to get out of my car so many times in similar situations and I’ve never actually done it. I’m in awe of you!

    Have I mentioned I love your blog?

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