Pregnancy #2: 13 Weeks

How are you feeling?

The most common question a woman hears when she tells the world she is pregnant. I can happily say that I am feeling great! While I was pregnant with Calvin, and also feeling wonderful the entire time, I kept reminding myself, “every pregnancy can be different, so keep your expectations low for next time!” But I am experiencing the exact same things this time as last. My nose is a tiny bit more sensitive (last time it was the compost that did me in, this time it is raw meat), I have mild nasal congestion that leaves me with dry lips every morning (this showed up before I knew I was pregnant last time and I thought I was getting allergies; I had no clue it could be a pregnancy symptom until one of those daily What To Expect App daily updates a few weeks later), and I get choked up far too easily while watching TV (examples: scenic shots of the Alps in Amazing Race and when couples purchase a home in House Hunters).

I feel really blessed that pregnancies go so well for me because I know that is definitely not the case for everybody.

One symptom that I wish I had more of is cravings. It feels like a myth to me. Something women come up with just so that they can eat crazy things all the time. I have never felt the need to go out and get a burger Right Now! or eat midnight snacks. Is this really a real thing? I wish I was a better liar so I too could get away with it . Although I think my desire to eat yummy, bad foods is outweighed by my desire to save money by not making spontaneous purchases.

Something that has been different so far in this pregnancy is that I am not as tired as I was last time. I attribute that to not working at 7AM every morning and having to walk 20 minutes (or closer to 30 by the end of the 9 months) uphill after 8 hours at work. I remember a few days of going to bed for the night around 6 or 7.

One other difference is that I never remember how far along I am! How many other women can attest to the fact that you really don’t pay attention to those little details like how big the baby is every week and what new function they are learning in there? I still have the apps, but I don’t check them. I actually just had to open one now to enter my due date to see how many weeks I was supposed to name this post.

3 thoughts on “Pregnancy #2: 13 Weeks

  1. Monika Thiessen

    I only remember having one craving – popcorn twists! And that was just the one day. And I never did get them. There were things that I enjoyed more and others that I had to avoid, but overall I never had that real craving for something. You are normal :)


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