Family Photo of Four

Almost a year ago, on April 18 (I remember the date because it was Tim’s birthday), we took this little family photo while watching a Canucks playoff game:

18 (10)


We decided to replicate it this past weekend when my parents were here and we were dressed up similarly:

6 (18)


But we didn’t stop there. We had to make sure everybody was accounted for:

6 (19)


That’s right! We are bringing another little Canucks fan into this world, due October 21. You probably caught that fact in Calvin’s birthday post, but I couldn’t decide how to announce it, so I just did it both ways!

We are so excited! So is Calvin. He just doesn’t really know what he is excited about.

4 thoughts on “Family Photo of Four

  1. Aunt Sara

    Well Congratulations! I wasn’t able to read Calvin’s entire post as other tasks were at hand…but this definitely caught my attention :)


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