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This week Tim’s parents came out to drive Jordan back to the Island for his Christmas break. They decided to also pack along some of the stuff we had to leave behind! Sadly I didn’t get any photos of their visit, but I got some photos to share of the furniture that I once again have in my house.

First of all, the glider. In this house it does not fit in Calvin’s room, so either I have to do some really tricky reconfiguration in there, or it will just live in the office area.

Next is the barrister’s bookcase that my parents gave us. It houses Tim’s fancy old books, his own books (yes, they are for sale), and miscellaneous other office things. I still need to change out the hardware for something that isn’t broken and less plastic.
Also, they brought a couple more of our kitchen chairs. So now we can seat 5 people at the table (or 6 if we use the computer chair) instead of 3. Bring on the dinner parties!

Lastly, and most importantly (in my opinion), are my white book shelves! I have three, but they were only able to fit 2 in the vehicle. In Victoria I had one in Calvin’s room for books and toys, and the other two were stacked in the dining room and held my pretty dishes. Here, one wouldn’t fit in Calvin’s room, and in the kitchen it works better to have dishes in the cupboards and food out on the shelf. So instead I could finally unpack the many boxes of books we had stacked in the corner of the living room. Every shelf has two rows of books. Mine take up half a shelf and all the rest are Tim’s. I have a reader of a husband. I will let you guess what portion is mine and who my favourite author is.

So now that we have more furniture, it feels a little bit more cozy and homey in here. I just wish I could paint those walls. The brown isn’t doing it for me.

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