Loading up the UHaul

I felt pretty organized during the week leading up to our move date. Things were going into boxes at a good rate and I felt like I could leave if given an hour to do the last stuff. But when it came down to it, I was still packing up a good half of the kitchen when Tim and his dad started loading the trailer. It worked out well though, since there were loose items that could be stuffed in the holes between the big furniture.

At the end of the day, the trailer was too small for all of our stuff. We left the glider, some shelves, an armchair, the vacuum, three dining chairs, and some Christmas decorations behind (listed in the order I miss them). We are still working on how to get them back to us, but they are all items that can wait…for now. The glider I miss when it is 1:00 AM and Calving decides he is hungry. The shelving I need because I don’t have enough cupboard space. The armchair is cozy and it would be nice to host more than one extra person for a dinner sometime.

But life isn’t about the stuff we have, and the majority did get to come along, so we are happy and getting settled in as we speak.

Calvin and Daddy took a break before the trailer arrived.

Loading the UHaul.

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