Max’s Makeover

This past weekend we finally finished off the stuff we have to do to make Max, our Mazda, completely Albertan. It was a little bit of a process. We had to

  • get insurance
  • get a form from the registry office to get an out of province inspection
  • have the out of province inspection done
  • go back to the registry office (at a time both of us could go since both our names were on the insurance) and register the car; this is an extra step that BC does not have
  • get our Alberta driver’s licenses

It’s so shiny it’s hurting my eyes! Seriously, it’s hard to tell how dirty the car is, since it’s dark grey, but I can say that the BC plates we removed were about the same colour as the car.

It’s a little bit of a funny feeling because before, when we had our old plates, I was really concious of the way I was driving, especially when the road conditions were not clear. I would imagine what other drivers were thinking of this “BC driver”. But now, when I drive with my local plates, I don’t feel like I am driving any different than other people. It’s silly.

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