Christmas Time

There is always a lot going on in December to celebrate Christmas. This year I tried pretty hard to get out and participate in a few events. I already told you about the Christmas Tree Lighting downtown, but since then, there have been a couple other things we have done.

My friend, Andrea, invited us to a fun, new event her church put on this year. It was called Imagining Christmas and was in a building at Fort Edmonton. There was music, food, crafts and a photo booth. There were also a TON of people, so we didn’t stay too long, but it was fun! Here is our family photo from the booth:

We are wearing our "It's cold!" faces.

We are wearing our “It’s cold!” faces.

Last weekend, our friends Dee and Matt invited us to their church where they had a Bethlehem Walk. Tim had been to one on the Island before, but this was the first one I had been too (and Calvin too, of course). I forgot my camera, but Tim used his phone to get some not-so-great shots. Here we are at the top of the village:

8 (3)


And of course we can’t forget Christmas in our own home! We won’t be here for Christmas, and I really don’t have that many decorations, so I didn’t go all out. But I did put some lights around the window and set up my little 3′ apartment sized tree. Up until last night, Calvin hasn’t really noticed it. But I have it up on a box, so hopefully he can’t get into too much trouble.

16 (2)


We plan on leaving on Wednesday after Tim gets off work. We will drive the flat stretch that evening then tackle the snowy mountain drive in the daylight on Thursday. We are very much looking forward to spending some time with family and letting everybody get some Calvin snuggles in.

3 thoughts on “Christmas Time

  1. Elsie

    Those look like nice family events you went to. May you have a joyful and meaningful Christmas as you visit with your families at the coast!

  2. Monika Thiessen

    Yeah! The time of your arrival keeps getting better! I thought you were leaving on Thurs and arriving on Fri.


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