SH – Hanging Out With My Boy

While Tim was up in Fort McMurray on his business trip (he returned on the 10th), I tried to complete a photo scavenger hunt he created for me to work through so I stay busy and he can get new photos of our boy.
(see the whole list here

Mommy and Calvin’s best artwork (Mommy can help Calvin draw!).
I mis-remembered what the list actually said, so I don’t have a picture of what he drew, but you can be assured that it was a masterpiece!


Calvin helping mommy make dinner.


Mommy and Calvin reading books.


Calvin and mommy upside-down together.


Mommy and Calvin wearing some of each other’s clothes.
Yes, I am giving him bunny ears while wearing his socks on my fingers.


Now if only he would appreciate the fun to be had when we do these things. Truthfully, the extent of our hang out time normally is me showing him how a truck can roll along the floor, and him showing me that he would prefer to eat it.

How do YOU play with a baby who doesn’t know how to interact with toys and books yet?

2 thoughts on “SH – Hanging Out With My Boy

  1. Anna

    These are SO wonderful! I can’t tell you which is my favourite because then I’d have to choose. I LOVE how engaged Calvin is in that book. So good!


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