Garden Update

It’s been raining pretty much every day this week, so I haven’t done anything with the garden in a long while, until today. It was getting pretty ugly. I don’t mind weeding, but it’s the “grassing” I don’t like. This garden has a lot of grass which has long, stubborn roots. In most cases, I end up just ripping the top off. At least it looks better for a couple days. In the picture below you can see a good chunk of it between the lettuce and pea rows. Tim and I were out there weeding together for 40 minutes and we didn’t finish.


I’m excited that the lettuce is almost big enough that I can take some for a salad without leaving an obvious hole. I think the pea buds are almost coming. I’m interested to see what they taste like because I accidentally grabbed the wrong pack. You can barely see the carrots, but there are a few there! They are quite sparse though. Don’t know how many more will pop up. Based on this experience alone, I probably wouldn’t do the seed strips again. And how much taller can those onions get? How do you know when they are big enough to pick?

I’m glad I kept it fairly small and simple for my first time planting, and am happy with the results so far.

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