Date Night

Tim and I don’t go out all that often. You could say that we are bad at dates. When (or if) we go out to dinner, we are done in 45 minutes. We can rarely decide on movies to see. Often we decide that something we might want to do isn’t worth spending the money on. Not to mention we have two small children who are hard to shed.

But tonight, Jordan and Amy graciously let us leave the house without the boys! What were our big date plans, you may ask? Errands, of course!

First we hit up Target where I got a few things for a craft room I’m organizing, restocked our home pharmacy, tried on some dresses (me) and checked out the Lego and Nerf selection (Tim)


But because this was a date, it wasn’t all business. We stopped and played some Wii. I’ll give you one guess which character I was.


The next stop was Dairy Queen. Mmm…Blizzards! Oreo for me, something too chocolatey for Tim.


One of the main things we went out for was to look for a phone. Yes, we are stepping back in time and getting a land line. Future shop was closed, and Walmart was out of the cheapest ones. Neither of us were prepared for the price of these things!


So no phone yet, but we did get some expensive light bulbs for our kitchen. Yay!

And that is how the Sevenhuysens date.

4 thoughts on “Date Night

  1. Monika Thiessen

    45 minute dinner out… sounds like some of our dates. A nice practical night out.

    You’d think that the old fashioned phones would be a little cheaper. If you get one that is actually attached to the wall, it will last longer than the cordless battery operated ones. Too bad I didn’t save any of those old rotary dial phones for you ;)

  2. Julie Thiessen

    Good for you! Date nights are so important for a young couple to enjoy. I remember thinking we couldn’t afford to go out so we didn’t but looking back I think we should have just gone. Find a friend to share babysitting duties and if all you do is go for coffee at Tim Horton’s make sure you find time for just you two!


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