Calvin Update – 6.5 Months

Calvin has been doing lots of learning these past few weeks! Here is what he is up to:

Pretty much getting on all fours! He isn’t quite mobile yet, but probably soon.

He tries really hard to reach things when he is sitting down, so sometimes I find him like this (just as I was typing this, I heard him get annoyed and looked behind me to see that he was trying to pull himself up on the post of the coffee table…just needs to figure out how to get his feet under him!):

He also learned how to open the coffee table drawer! I had to replace the PlayStation controllers with some toys. He thinks it’s so fun!

The other day he was sitting on the floor by the computer while I was making supper, and I looked over to find him making his first mess. I didn’t think I sat him down that close to the computer!

But one of the most fun things he is learning to do is crawl into my lap! I love it!



6 thoughts on “Calvin Update – 6.5 Months

  1. Anna

    This post makes me miss you guys so much! I can’t believe how big he’s getting and how much more he’s doing!

    I also can’t believe those booties still fit him. Glad he’s getting some use out of them.

  2. Catherine

    He is looking so grown up – I miss him so much! I can’t believe he is almost crawling. No I take that back, he’s a smart boy, of course I can believe it. Love you all!

  3. Chavon

    Hooray! He’s growing up, making messes, and learning new skills. Watch out–pretty soon your house is going to be a constant disaster (like mine :-). It’s all worth it to hear those pattering feet running around your home.

  4. Brenda Thiessen

    Hey Tim & Larissa,
    Great blog! :) Calvin is so cute! He sure has grown. Congrats on your move, job and new home. Wish you all the best as you settle in and adjust. Blessings! :) … Love, Aunt Brenda


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