A Sinterklaasy Weekend

Ever since we’ve been together, Tim and I have never celebrated Christmas with just our little family. Since Christmas 2010, the year we started dating and were engaged, we have always traveled to spend the holidays with our families. This year, we decided that since Calvin is old enough to actually enjoy and somewhat understand, we would make a little celebration for ourselves, before we leave for the coast next week.

Since Tim has a Dutch heritage, he automatically thought that Sinterklaas would be the perfect time for us to do something. On the Friday, Tim took the day off and we had a yummy crepe breakfast, followed by a little gift opening. We are totally not money spenders on our children. I made Calvin some sock puppets with $5 worth of socks and yarn and buttons I had on hand. Victor we splurged on and got a box set of little books from Costco. They are loved gifts, and it was fun to watch them open their presents. Tim’s parents even sent out a few special treats!

We watched some Christmas videos on Netflix, Victor had a morning snooze, and we did some other stuff that I don’t remember. It was a perfect, lazy day. Oh! We decorated a gingerbread house. Guys, get the one from Costco that comes with the house already put together. The worst part taken care of!Sinterklaas 1

The next day, we planned a turkey dinner that Jordan and Amy joined us for. After we ate, we all went to the zoo to see their Christmas lights and stuff. Calvin of course loved being able to run wherever he wanted and Victor probably liked seeing the bright lights.Sinterklaas 2

Our Christmasy weekend was capped off nicely by the Sunday School Christmas performance during the services. Only Calvin decided he would rather just wander around than stand up and perform. Sorry, Auntie Catherine; looks like he’s not following in your footsteps!

Calvin jumping off the stage before the signing even started.

Calvin jumping off the stage before the singing even started.

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  1. Karissa

    Very sweet! I love celebrating with our families but I also can’t wait to start our own traditions on our own. And yeah, assembling gingerbread houses is the worst part.


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