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I am not a huge gadget person. I like things streamlined and to have as little amount of stuff as possible so if it’s a tool that’s used for only one specific thing, I tend not to have it (unless it’s a waffle iron, because nothing else can do that!). However, I was gifted a few little items at my baby showers, two in particular had to do with feeding.

The first one was the Boon Spoon. I tried it once, and probably won’t again. It is a really neat idea, but you have to keep the spoon vertical the whole time, otherwise the food wouldn’t be close enough to the end to squirt out, and also, if Calvin decided to spit out a bunch of food, but I already had more on the spoon waiting, it was hard to scrape it all off his chin. I would not recommend this product.

The other I was reminded that I had when my Oma mentioned that when her children were little, she would wrap food in cheese cloth then tie it in a knot and they could suck on it. If I had cheese cloth on hand, I would probably do that, but I already had the modern day tool…the net feeder thing! I don’t know the brand or whatnot, but I’m sure there are many companies who make this sort of thing. It keeps Calvin busy for a good while, and he can feed himself that way! It does get a little messy when he decides to hit everything around him with it, but he is a baby eating; he is supposed to get messy! The net does get a little hard to clean if he has pulpy food in it, like oranges and even bananas, but I just throw it in the dishwasher, and if there is still food stuck in the seams, at least I know it’s clean!


I had to add this one too, because I love his facial expression!

Are you a gadgets person? What do you like? If you aren’t, what few ones do you have that you enjoy?

4 thoughts on “Baby Gadgets

  1. Mary

    Mesh feeders are good! :) Rose used one a little in the summer (we would put frozen things in it to help her teething). I’m really enjoying something called the Sili Squeeze ( ). Basically babies have to suck/chew to get food to release, but it allows them to feed themselves without a mess. We’re still coaching Rose on using the Original spout, but once she gets the hang of it, I won’t have to spoon feed her purees. I might mention that Rose still wants/needs me to do everything. I can’t even put her down for a nap, she has to nap on me, so the idea of being able to let her feed herself is awe inspiring lol.

  2. Nicole Birrell

    I am thinking about getting a mesh feeder for Emma. My other kids did not really need one, they loved to be fed, would fed themselves well and would open their mouths. The only Emma does not open her mouth for is a spoon with food on it, so I am thinking a mesh feeder might work for her.

  3. Catherine

    The second picture is such a typical Tim-as-a-toddler face. I only know this from home videos, but all the same it’s a recognizable facial expression!


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