Getting Out

It’s shaped up to be a fairly busy week! On Sunday I went to a church with Jordan and Amy. I met a few young families there, and was invited to a moms and tots group on Tuesday morning, and then also a small group Tuesday evening. Also, Amy’s cousin invited me to a mom’s group at her church this morning! So I have met lots of new people, all with families, which is great.

I felt really comfortable at that church and hope to return. Everybody I met was super friendly and made me feel really welcome.

This morning was a little more difficult since it was a fairly large group of moms and kids, but there were still friendly people there, and I didn’t feel out of place.

So It’s been a good week so far in that sense. This afternoon I am doing laundry, and tomorrow I hope to do some baking, then I have to pick up Michelle from the airport, and she will stay with us until early next week! So this week is full, and I feel like I may not have time to complete everything on the scavenger list! But that is quite fine since I have a good excuse. :)

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