Working Vacation: Day 5

Today was half good, half boring.

The first half (the good half) saw us leaving Banff for Lake Louise at 9:15. Tim’s first meeting was actually nearer to Castle Mountain, so Calvin and I just hung out outside, eating bananas and chasing gophers.



From there we went to Lake Louise for a look at the lake, because you can’t be in the area and not enjoy the view!



When it comes to being tourists, we don’t waste time. We were back in the car in about 30 minutes, starting the second (boring) half, and on our way back home before noon, with a one hour stop for lunch and for Tim to do a phone interview.


The stretch between Calgary and Edmonton is long, people. It is very boring. Nothing to see. And I think Calvin was feeling it too. He was cranky almost that entire time! But I just ignored his wines since he was ignoring all the things I was trying to entertain him with. His loss!

And now we are back home. I have to admit that almost as soon as I stepped inside, I got the “Uhg, there’s so much to do here” feeling back. But Tim and I spent a tiny bit of time just getting things into the rooms they belong in, and that in itself helped a lot!

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