Victor James

We are proud to announce the arrival of our son!

Victor James
October 24, 2013
7lb 10oz

We chose the name Victor because we like the name in general, it has a good, strong meaning, and Victor Hugo is the author of Tim’s all time favourite novel! James is my dad’s middle name.

Stay tuned for the full birth story coming soon!


10 thoughts on “Victor James

  1. Karissa

    Congratulations, you guys! So great to welcome this little guy to the world! (Also, I love the literary connection to his name :) ) Hope your first few days together are going well!

  2. sylvia

    Congratulations to Calvin and his parents Tim, and Larrissa with the arrival of baby Victor!!! Many blessings on you all!

  3. Anna

    He’s just so perfect! Congratulations to you and Tim and Calvin on adding another little guy to the family, and one as good looking as his brother, too!

  4. Sue

    Congratulations on Victor’s arrival and that you managed to blog on his birth day. Kudos to you! and hugs all around. You must all be thrilled.

  5. Jessi

    So excited! I think boys might be growing on me a little bit… Huge congratulations to you all. Well done Larissa! Can’t wait to hear more about Victor’s birth story. No rush though – enjoy all those sweet newborn snuggles and rest whenever you get the chance.

  6. Anneliese

    I have to smile as well that you managed to blog! What a precious treasure to thank God for!
    I’m glad your mom can be there and enjoy this time of holding him and helping out. All the best you your growing family.


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