Sleepy Patrick

Patrick entered this world as an amazing sleeper.

His very first nap (in the hospital) lasted for 5 hours, at which point I woke him up because they aren’t supposed to do that, right?! He was going on 8 hours of sleep the day the public health nurse payed a visit (at 2 days old). This particular episode earned me daily calls from the nurse’s office and an extra visit from me to which I had to assure them that he was still eating plenty and had lots of “output”. He weighed 9lbs 4oz at birth. I don’t think there really was anything to worry about. For the first 6 weeks of his life, he generally woke only 1-2 times per night. At 6 weeks, he started sleeping through the night.

At around 3 months, he finally decided he better act like a newborn and started waking every 2 or so hours. This lasted until 5 or 6 months, and now he is a 1-time a night waker.

Part of his sleeping habits was that he could fall asleep anywhere. He is growing out of this now, but I was looking through photos from the past months, and decided to put together a little “Patrick sleeping” collection. Because sleeping babies are the best!


The majority of Patrick’s naps happened on the couch. At the time, Calvin and Victor were still sharing a room, but there was no way shared naps would happen, so Calvin napped in our bed which meant Patrick couldn’t nap in his bed in our room. So couch it was! Even falling asleep while sitting beside me and he had given me no clue he was tired!
sleep post 1 He was also no stranger to the floor.sleep post 2 Of course people are also wonderful napping surfaces. Oma in particular is a lovely companion to catch some Zs on with! He also slept through his first hang out sesh with his friend Parker, and would often fall asleep in the car seat which was his perch in the kitchen.sleep post 3 Oh, he also sleep in beds!sleep post 4Zzzzzz…..

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