Tomorrow we get possession of our new house! That means that we will be able to start moving our stuff over. I love packing, but if you were to come in to our place right now, it would look like we were maybe thinking of moving in a month or so. As much as I love packing and organizing, I equally love leaving things until the last minute. It’s because I have zero worries about things not getting done on time. I learned this about myself in highschool when I had yet to start homework when my friends had already completed it. But magically, everything always gets done!


It was only 10 months ago the last time we packed up a whole house. But it was a very different kind of packing. Last time we had to fit everything into a trailer, an SUV and a sedan, and make sure everything survived the jostling jaunt through the Rockies. I packed all my breakables so carefully. Each cardboard box got a layer of foam peanuts at the bottom, and I used lots and lots of packing paper, making sure nothing was touching. But at the same time, things had to be as condensed as possible. We ended up not being able to fit everything, but none of our stuff broke on the trip!

This time, packing is a lot more “loosey goosey” since we have a few days of overlap between houses and it’s only 10 minutes away. I am still packing the breakables carefully, but no peanuts this time. I don’t have to worry about everything fitting into boxes with lids for easy stacking in a truck. We can throw things in laundry baskets, bring the load over, and bring them back to refill. Random items don’t necessarily have to go in boxes at all, and can just be thrown into the backseat.

My one tip for packing, especially for longer hauls, is to label everything really clearly. I write the room it goes into, as well as the contents. And also “fragile” when applicable. If you packed weeks or months before your move, it is easy to know which boxes go where and what is in each box.


Oh, and of course it is different this time because I have a toddler, and not a baby! Open-topped boxes can’t be left wherever. I can’t pack most of his things. And it just takes a little longer in general. But it will all still get done!

Our house is a pretty big mess, and I feel only a little bit bad for whoever is doing an inspection here tomorrow. If they were smart, maybe they could reschedule for Sunday when we will be done with this place for good!

And since the one photo I used here is kind of boring, here is one from when we moved in October.

Getting packed up for the big move.

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