On the Road

I was very much looking forward to the drive through the mountains to our new prairie home, and it certainly didn’t disappoint!

Calvin is all ready to go in his cozy corner of the car.

Waiting in line at the ferry for the last time for a while.

Heading away from the island.

We left midday on Thursday and made it to Clearwater where we spent the night. I was afraid that Calvin would be up all night since he slept a good portion of the driving time, but he only woke up once, which is a good night on a normal basis!

In the morning we got back out on the road for the jaunt through the Rockies.

So pretty in the foggy morning.

Calvin played, slept and cried during the drive. Mostly slept.

Max and Ruby (no, they were not named that intentionally), our trusty wheels.

Calvin is almost as tall as Mount Robson!

Okay, he is a tiny little boy.

Just outside of Edmonton. It is flat.

I’m glad it was an enjoyable drive, and that Calvin did so well too. I am looking forward to more trips back and forth in the future!

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