New Years

When the new year rolls around, people start reflecting and setting goals for the new year ahead, or coming up with themes for the year. I don’t. So here you will get an account of what we did for New Years Eve. Fun!

We were in Victoria for the night of the 30th and hung out with our good friends Anna and Karl and a bunch of others who came for a couple hours in the afternoon. We got our Anna and Karl fix, and Anna and Karl got their Calvin fix. That, and they got to break out their newly acquired Ticket To Ride Europe.IMG_0013


The next day Tim and I enjoyed a breakfast together before he headed back across the ferry to Langley. He spent the night there so he could get an early start for home on the 1st to be back for work on the 2nd.

I then met up with Anna and Karl again and we made our way to Sooke where our friends had booked a vacation rental on the coast. It was a beautiful setting and the perfect place to ring in the new year with about 25 of our Victoria friends. Calvin was a party pooper and went to bed hours before midnight.




The first couple of days were spent back up in Nanaimo with Tim’s family, then I spent a week in Langley with my family.

It was a long holiday, and I was ready to head back home to Edmonton and get back into my regular schedule.

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