Larissa Organizes: My New Venture

On Friday, 6 days ago, I had a fleeting thought that it would be fun to be paid to organize peoples’s stuff. That thought turned into a text to Tim that read “You know what would be fun? Having a home organization business.” Then we texted back and forth a bit about it, interspersed with a conversation about what to have for supper.

I couldn’t put the thought out of my head, and I took to Facebook to see what people thought. I know the profession exists, but I wasn’t sure if the market existed with my peers and families (or individuals) like them. It turns out the need is there!

So over the next bit I will do some work for friends to build my experience and portfolio. After I’ve gotten some paid gigs, I’ll get some professional branding and stuff done, and go on from there!

While it isn’t a necessity for me to work, it will be a nice bonus. We run our household on a tight budget, and having something extra coming in would just help us save up for the inevitable mini van quicker, or we can fund more house updates sooner than what we could have before.

Plus, it makes me excited! I haven’t really stopped thinking about the whole thing since my initial thought on Friday. I have loved organizing spaces for as long as I can remember, and what’s that saying about finding a way to make money by doing what you love?

Larissa Organizes will be my working business name until I come up with something better. I like 7 Houses – Home Organization (my last name means “seven houses”, the number seven is a great Biblical number meaning perfection and completion, and my work would take place in houses). What are your thoughts? Do you have any better ideas?

This is what I would love to be able to do for people (click for source).

This is what I would love to be able to do for people (click for source).

4 thoughts on “Larissa Organizes: My New Venture

  1. Lisa Sevenhuysen

    Nice! I bet you could eventually throw in a little interior deco or upcycling (I think that’s the term) down the road. All the best!

  2. anneliese

    You and Julene are so alike in that. I like my space organized as well and to get permission to organize someone’s counter or closet would be fun, but challenging, because you never know what is important to someone else. I guess when it’s a job, that would al be clarified and they would trust you to do it right. Maybe, because I like to organize, I could not trust someone else to organize my stuff. Does that make sense? I wish you all the best! Sounds like fun!


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