Fresh Snow

I lay awake at 5:15 am composing an angry letter to the weather in my head; something to the effect of:

Fresh snow, you suck. You make the world all glowy, waking up my younger son three times in 5 hours and make it difficult for me to fall back asleep before he wakes up again. You make it necessary for the neighbour to shovel at 5:00am, because that’s when he leaves for work, keeping me awake longer, and waking up my then-sleeping baby for a fourth, no wait, fifth time. 

The fourth time was after Calvin woke up and spent a bit of time in our bed. He was brought back to his room only to decide that it was a great time to turn on his light, hop in the crib and do a puzzle.  

I was not happy last night. I still am not. I was hoping the boys would sleep a little longer this morning since they were awake a chunk of the night, but nope. They are awake in their room. Calvin is in Victor’s crib, bugging him. Needless to say, today might be rough. I normally bring the boys to a friend’s every other Wednesday morning, but she was sick last night so no me-time today.  

I am so done with winter. Yes, I know there are a ton of places that have it worse (sorry, east coast!), but I am here and this is my situation, so I can complain if I want. And yes, I also know that we have been having a good chunk of “warm” days, but it’s hard to get out to enjoy them when walking is dangerous (warm days = all the snow banks melt into the sidewalk and freeze over night) and playing in the snow isn’t even fun because it’s more just layers of crust and ice than fluffy snow. 

But there is only 1 or 2 months left of this.  In that time a few exciting things are happening: I have my ultrasound, I have my birthday and we get new windows! Now if you all on the west coast can block me on the photo posts of your daffodils, cherry blossoms and green grass, that would be awesome. 

One thought on “Fresh Snow

  1. Monika Thiessen

    You complain so seldom, so, yes, you have every right to complain :) I would complain about the endless winters as well.


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