Fixing Our Place

The photos Tim originally sent me looked like this place was in good condition, but what can you really see in an iPhone photo anyway? When I walked through our front door, I was a little disappointed. There were tons of nicks in the walls, outlet covers were broken or missing, the same with vent covers. The fridge was dirty, and under the stove was disgusting. A curtain rod was half hanging off the wall and another was done up strangely. I was not very happy. And yes, I did have a moment when it was all overwhelming and had a little cry. But I knew I would do that at some point, maybe in bed the first night, but it happened when Amy, my brother-in-law’s girlfriend handed me a house warming plant.

Thank the Lord for in-laws! Tim’s mom got right to work scrubbing out the stove and his dad made a list of everything that needed to be fixed and ran to Home Depot to pick up supplies. It took less than two days, and it feels 100% better. So much like a place I can call home. If only I could paint the walls a lighter colour.

Getting my spackle on. It’s fun!

Have you had any unexpected things when you moved somewhere new?

2 thoughts on “Fixing Our Place

  1. CT

    To answer your question, we found we had a lemon, had to gut the basement now 3x’s, one more is scheduled to happen due to bad plumbing. Love having my home jack-hammered (note sarcasm)…oh the work that has been done in a mere 3 years since we moved in. Was ready to call Holmes on homes! NOT fun, and yes LOTS of tears!!!-C


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