A Little Visit

We just got back from a short little visit with Michelle! She and a couple friends drove to Lacombe yesterday for a friend’s wedding. They are headed back already tomorrow, so we decided to meet halfway between here and there for a few free hours she had before the wedding this afternoon. We ended up at Park By The Lake in Wetaskiwin which happened to be a very lovely park with a trail around the lake and a playground and lots of picnic tables. I would probably drive the 45 just for a great place for a picnic!

Here are a few shots of Calvin and his Auntie Michelle. 20130713-150044.jpg20130713-150054.jpg20130713-150110.jpg20130713-150131.jpg20130713-150151.jpg

One thought on “A Little Visit

  1. Monika Thiessen

    Michelle, it’s so good to see you enjoying your time with Calvin. Looks like he adores his auntie!


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