A Bit of a New Look

Did you look up? I made myself a new header! I was getting a little bit bored of the photo one I had so I decided to tackle a little project.

At first I tried making it in photoshop because that’s what my other one was put together in. But after a couple hours of not getting anything done, and not figuring out how to use all the tools, I decided to scrap it and fall back on good old Microsoft Office Publisher. Office is quite near and dear to my heart.

So after I opened Publisher, it took about 10 minutes to throw this together! I quite like it and might do a few more tweaks here and there to give this blog a different feel.

Hope you like it!

6 thoughts on “A Bit of a New Look

  1. anneliese

    Okay, you are over my head in how to design that. .but it looks good! It tells the story! I notice your childhood home has a heart and the now home has a star. Different but good!
    PS thanks for the comment on my post yesterday. I’m glad it’s still a way of connecting to home.
    I was encouraged.


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