My 4th Pregnancy

Hello again! It has been a handful of months since I’ve been here, and I told myself that I wanted to finish documenting our summer and such, but I think I’ll just skip right over it (because nobody will miss it, and I broke my phone and lost a bunch of photos anyway). So, skipping over…

…We found out we are pregnant again! Baby number 4 is on its way, due March 20, just a couple weeks after my 30th birthday. I guess I’ll have to over look my unofficial goal of being done having kids by the time I’m 30. 14021492_10157192166415315_1104246136592307456_n

I feel like going from 3 to 4 is a big jump. 3 is still normal and very acceptable. Having 4 kids puts you over into the world of “wow, you have a big family!”. Only one other person in my peer group has a fourth child on the way. How in the world is it going to be okay for me to ask somebody to watch our brood now?!

Like usual, this pregnancy has been fairly easy on me, physically. No sickness or anything. Just my usual nasal congestion, and an added aversion to snack foods. Why don’t I want that delicious kettle corn?!

However, I have been feeling a lot more anxious this time around. I was super nervous going in to my dating ultrasound. My blood pressure was measuring on the high side at a checkup around 12 weeks, which has never been a problem before. You know what I attribute it to?

1 in 4 pregnancies end in a miscarriage. This is my 4th. I’m due for one now, right? My mom lost her fourth. Like mother, like daughter? Friends and acquaintances are experiencing loss. It can happen to me too! And we are currently in a month of infant loss awareness, where women everywhere are coming out with their personal stories of heartache over little ones they will never meet this side of heaven. As great as that is for those who need to hear – or tell – those stories, it just reminds me of the possibilities and makes me nervous.

Thankfully, at 18 weeks, I am starting to feel the baby move, so that has definitely calmed my nerves. There is just so much time before that of unknown. Is there actually a baby in there?! My growing belly says a definite “Yes!”

And then there’s the thought of what the baby will be. The same thoughts that my friends, family, and strangers alike are thinking. Is it going to be a girl this time?! It is a huge desire of my heart to have a girl! I want to be a mom to a daughter. I want Tim to be a dad to a daughter. I want our boys to be big brothers to a little sister. I want our family to have a different perspective. I want others to have a different perspective of our family. And also, I need more floral in my life!

When we found out Patrick was a boy, I cried in the ultrasound room. It only took a few moments before I was able to say “three boys is going to be awesome!”, but I feel that this time around will be different, as it will likely be or last child. For almost the entire first trimester, this was a more-than-daily thought process:
What’s it going to be?
I hope it’s a girl!
What if it’s a boy?
Oh no! What if it’s a boy!
I get anxious.
I pray for peace and thank God that he knows best.
I think about all the future daughters-in-law.

The anxiety surrounding the gender has greatly diminished since thinking of a boy’s name about a month ago. Knowing that we have a name to attach to a possible boy makes things a lot easier. It’s a real person in there, with a personality and everything! And knowing that a 4th boy would still be different than the other 3 is comforting.

But until we hear otherwise, the hope for a girl is still strong.

15 weeks

15 weeks

 And that’s where we are now. I will have my ultrasound in the next couple weeks. If you can pray for continued peace for us as we go in, and with the outcome, we would be so grateful. Knowing that God loves us and has a plan that shows us that is very comforting.

9 thoughts on “My 4th Pregnancy

  1. Bethany

    Hello I’m new to your blog but it peaked my interest as I am also a 3 boy mom on the Praries due with our 4th (I am 32 weeks and we like to fine out the gender at delivery) and secretly hoping for a girl too. I look forward to reading more about your journey!

  2. Donna M

    Thanks for sharing what is on your heart, Larissa. Will pray for God’s peace for you as you go through this motherhood journey.

  3. Monika Thiessen

    This mother’s heart is praying for a daughter for you. But, I also know that you will make an awesome mom of 4 boys! Praying for you. May God give you His peace and may He give you the desires of your heart! Love you and all those boys of yours!!

  4. MommaNeuf

    Thanks for sharing. We have three young boys (living on the prairies too!) and have just decided to go ahead and try for a fourth baby. Many of the same feelings you expressed I have felt and continue to process and give over to the only one who is in control and knows best, God. Blessings as you continue the journey of motherhood!

  5. Anna

    I’m so excited for little Sevenhuysens #4. Whoever this kid, he or she will be awesome.

    Hopefully your anxiety goes away. We’re praying for you guys :)

  6. anneliese

    I loved reading your honest feelings here and can’t help but wish for a girl for you!
    That being said, I also know that another boy will come with all the love needed and would make things a lot easier. Isn’t it strange to have to think about what other people expect? I remember feeling like others were even happier than I was that we had a boy after two girls. So they may have been disappointed if we’d had another girl, but I would have still been happy.


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