Desk Nook Plans

Our kitchen has a little nook in it that is a perfect desk area. In fact, the previous owner left behind a desk that fits in it. But I don’t like it all that much, so I have come up with big plans for the space!

It’s become a catch all area for junk to pile up, and it just doesn’t use the space efficiently. Also, the left side of it blocks the electrical outlet so it has to be pulled out a handful of inches to make it usable.

Here are my plans:

It’s nice and simple with ample storage. I want to stain the desk part then paint the shelves white. There is a half depth shelf above the desk to hold pens and pencils and stuff, with cork board on the wall behind it. I can use the top shelves to store my pretty dishes. The wall colour won’t be what you see. That’s just the best colour I found in my Crayloas.

I have no clue when I will be able to do it, but for now it makes me happy thinking about it. I am very excited!

6 thoughts on “Desk Nook Plans

  1. Katie

    OOh, I love projects like this! Cork board can be pretty pricy in the format you have drawn, but IKEA has stick-on panels that you could use in that space which I believe are much cheaper. Just so you know! Looks like a great idea to me! I would add pretty baskets for extra storage.

    1. Sarah

      Looks good, Larissa!
      Regarding the cork, do check out the local dollarstores, too. I got some crafting cork recently there for a great price :D


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