While We Wait

So today (or yesterday, depending on who you ask or when you asked me apparently) I am 40 weeks! It’s due date, baby! And yes, I am still sitting here feeling very pregnant and not like that is going to change any time soon. So much for my hunch of him being early.

It’s a weird feeling, when I think about actually having a newborn again. I went to visit a friend and her 4-day-old yesterday and it was so strange to think that I actually have one of those inside of me! And that it is soon going to be outside of me!

I am looking forward to the next 6ish weeks. My mom got here a couple days ago. She was originally going to just come when I went into labour, but she found a good deal on a flight. And it was actually really nice to think of the fact that I had no more days left to entertain the boys on my own. And then at some point Tim’s parents will come, and then later in the month my sister will visit! I’ve said it before, and I’ll say it again – I love having company! If all goes according to plan, we will drive back to BC with the help of my sister and spend almost 2 weeks there.

I have been thinking of life with three children, and it is a little daunting, mostly when thinking about the winter and being inside most of the time. I know most of my grocery shopping will likely have to be done in the evenings, but Calvin will probably miss Costco if I never take him. And I will actually miss taking the boys grocery shopping more often. They are good and like it, which makes me enjoy it too.

But we live in a small house. I think I am going to have to get into a real good groove when it comes to keeping this place tidy and the kitchen mostly clean. I actually tried washing the dishes every day for a while, but have been quite slacking on it in the past couple weeks. I’m gonna have to get back on that. Once all my dish-washing-company is gone. I kid! But not really. I have wonderful, helpful family members. I think I am also going to get into a habit of inviting people over. We aren’t putting Calvin is preschool yet, but he needs interaction with other people. And I love having people over. I don’t do it nearly enough right now. I will change that.

Also, thinking ahead to life with three boys, I feel like I am going to want more femininity in my life. Like, maybe actually wear jewelry or something! Shocking! The last few times I’ve worn earrings I’ve had to poke it through grown-over skin. And I generally don’t like necklaces because they just get in the way. Scarves too. And my Old Navy Basics wardrobe is getting kind of boring. I don’t know…should I push those aspects of who I am aside, or change who I am, to feel less like a member of a family that is all boys?


IMG_1320Time to get back to my waiting. Hopefully not for more than a day or two! My doctor is on call tonight so she said it’s a good day to have a baby. Let’s see if baby heard her opinion and will heed it.

2 thoughts on “While We Wait

  1. Anna

    Maybe try buying more floral print clothes? And wear headbands! You could totally rock headbands.

    I’ve started the clean kitchen thing and it does wonders for my sanity.

    Want more company and play dates? We’ll be right over.

    I can’t wait to meet your little dude! Now if only he’d hurry it up…

  2. Sheila

    All the best with baby boy 3!
    You will do just fine with 3 boys in the house, and just think, you never have to deal with the drama that girls can bring…that’s how I look at it. 3 boys is pretty cool, especially when they are teenagers. I must admit I enjoy having 3 teenage boys in the house.
    As far as feeling feminine amongst 4 males in my house I always dress feminine at home, and when I leave. I can’t stand leaving the house frumpy, makes me feel frumpy then. Summery skirts and sun dresses in the summer do the trick for me. Nice jewelry, etc.
    the only thing I would say I’m missing out on is the shopping. I loved my Winnipeg shopping trips with my mom when I was a pre-teen and teenager…something that my boys don’t like doing, except zach, but if he shops he goes with his friends. Oh well, 3 boys will be fun…just think of all those baseball, hockey, soccer games etc that you’ll get to go to. ;)


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