Where We Are Now – plus a house tour!

I have been pestered by enough people now that I figured a new post is in order. 

Last you heard of me, on here anyway, we had just figured out that our new home town would be Nanaimo. Since then we’ve had a full summer of packing up and leaving our Edmonton home, coming to Nanaimo and doing house hunting, finding our new home, spending time at my family’s cabin, going camping with Tim’s family and hanging out with a few friends and family who had previously made plans to vacation on the Island. For it being a summer where we moved provinces, I feel like we were still able to cram in enough fun to make it seem like the summer was not wasted. 

Our house buying experience was a little bit different. We ended up finding a private-sale house, so we did it all without the help of an agent, which was new for us. But Tim did an awesome job at making sure all the Ts were crossed all the Is were dotted. We came out of the process with a house that checked all our boxes! Enough rooms for rooms for our children, a guest room and an office, and yard space. The square footage is not more, maybe even less, than what we had in Edmonton, but the space works for what we need it to work for. And I feel like the backyard is a real treasure!

Transition into the Fall season was mostly smooth. Calvin started full-time kindergarten and we’ve been working through some social bumpswith him, and Victor started Pre-K, where he never remembers what he did when asked; he says it’s a secret.

The first couple weeks of home ownership I, with the help of Tim’s mom, was busy painting and sorting out the house. I had fun picking out colours and purchasing the rugs and furniture we needed. I enjoyed the challenge of finding the perfect items on Kijiji or Varagesale, but I think the purchase of a brand new rug and couch for living room really made us feel like the grown-ups that we are!

Here’s a little before-and-after of one view I changed with colour:

And without further ado, here is a tour of our house! Victor was a big help, although I realized later that it’s not the best to have a short tour guide because my camera was often pointed down at him instead of up to see the space, but you’ll get a good idea. And I hope you don’t get too dizzy, as I am obviously not a professional videographer.

Now I need to change my header up at the top…

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