Throwback Thursday: How I Met My Valentine

It’s Valentine’s Day!

To me, that means I make food that I know Tim really really likes. Oh, and I made him a little card and stuck it in his backpack for him to find when he got to work. We are not big celebrators of this “holiday” or even our anniversary really. To be fair, we have only had one anniversary and we had a two week old baby at the time.

Anyways, I thought that today would be a good day to document how Tim and I met.

When I moved to Victoria in April 2008, I subletted half of a room in a house from the niece of a family friend. The other half of the room was rented by Kate. We were room mates for a few months, and since I didn’t have any of my own friends, I hung out with her and her friends. One of her friends was Tim. We attended the same parties or get togethers a few times, but being both introverts  we never spoke a word to each other. I knew Tim as Kate’s geeky friend who liked Nerf guns.

In the Winter and Spring of 2010, Kate and I were room mates once again. And Tim lived only a couple blocks away from our place. Kate would go often to hang out with him on the weekends if I had to work or something, but I never went over. Then, that Summer, we all started hanging out together more. Tim was looking for a new church to attend, so he started going to the one Kate and I went to. Since we lived near each other, we would walk there together. The walks were fairly quiet, as we warmed up to one another, but soon I considered him a friend.

A month or two after we were hanging out more, Kate got a job in For MacMurray and left us. Her farewell was something along these lines:

You two are not allowed to hang out together when I am gone because you are going to have too much fun without me.

But we disobeyed. A very short while after she left, I invited Tim to go to Symphony Splash with me, where he then invited me to go see “Inception” with him because he really enjoyed the movie, and I had not seen it yet. Little did I know that the movie was our first date, even though I paid for myself.

A few weeks in to our new found relationship, we knew that we wanted to spend the rest of our lives together, and were engaged after 6 weeks of dating. That’s how we do it, folks!

Maybe I will have a post about our engagement and our wedding another time.

And for now, here are pretty much the only two good photos we have together of our dating period:

French Beach on Vancouver Island


A perk of my old job – I took Tim on a whale watching tour. Best date ever, and it was free!

And a photo from 8 months later at our wedding. This was a nice surprise to find on our wedding disc from our photographer:

That's Kate.

That’s Kate.


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