These Ain’t Your Victorian Bunnies

Yesterday as I was loading Calvin into the car to run some errands, I saw a little movement and this guy popped out of a bush.

(taken on my phone)

I was thinking of how very different it was from the bunnies you find around Victoria. The bunnies have their little bum bob up and down while they hop around. But this rabbit, his big legs lifted his whole back end high up into the air. It reminded me of some sort of machinery, and it took me a while to think of what it was. Then it came to me. It reminded me of a jack. Yes. I am a genius.

6 thoughts on “These Ain’t Your Victorian Bunnies

  1. amy

    haha reading that now actually just made it click for me…so thank you Larissa, for making me slightly more bunny wise.


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