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My New Camera

Normally we don’t get each other gifts, but Tim surprised me. He got me this super great camera!


He has been bugging me for a while that I need a hobby. Unless you count organizing baby clothes every couple months, or crocheting something once a year, I don’t have any. So he came up with one for me.

While we were at my parents’ place a couple weeks ago, we came home from an evening out, and there was a package with my name on it! I was confused until I realized Tim was trying to act innocent. The first thing I saw when I opened the package was a memory card, and I knew the rest of the box contained a camera!

Apparently he was doing a bunch of research when I wasn’t looking, trying to figure out what camera would be best for the money (I believe he got a Boxing Day deal), and had to close his browser a bunch of times so I wouldn’t catch him looking at photography stuff. When this guy does something, he does it thoroughly, so I know he made a good choice.

Now, I claim no knowledge of photography, but I do think I know what good photos look like – or at least what bad photos are like – and I am excited that I now have the equipment to take some great shots, especially of my boys! I am currently reading through the manual (which is now all wrinkled since it was the only thing that got in the way of the diaper changes I did on my lap in the car and I had to wipe it off – newborn poop isn’t as gross as other poop, right??) and am going to find some online tutorials or something. I don’t want to have a DSLR only to use it on Auto all the time. Boring!

For the past year, since I acquired my iPhone 4S, I have never once used my point and shoot. It is almost 7 years old, and my phone was doing the same quality of work and was easier to grab, not to mention the battery is rechargeable! I am glad to have an actual camera again, and will do my best to learn as much as I can on how to use it properly. I am intimidated, but excited!