Pregnancy #2: 33 Weeks

33 weeks brings me well into my third trimester. The third trimester for me has meant I get my mild acid reflux a bit more often and a couple charley horses. Well, one real one. Then somebody told me about putting a bar of soap in your bed and when you feel one coming on, just reach for it with your foot and the pain will stop and not get worse. Well, the next time I felt it, I didn’t have a bar of soap, but I found the corner of the bed with my foot. And the pain stopped before it got bad! Way better than trying to stretch it out during the pain which really does nothing and you hurt for a couple days after.

Other than that, I have learned that my hips and tailbone hurt less when I turn over in bed if I don’t put a pillow between them. I discovered this during Tim’s work trip when one of the hotels only had two pillows in the entire room. I still use one now to support my belly, but I just don’t put it between my knees.

My doctor appointments, which are every 2 weeks now, are quite boring. I am measuring “beautifully” and my blood work comes back looking “gorgeous” and I have nothing ever to ask my OBGYN. We listen to the heartbeat, Calvin says “wow!” and then we go home. Nice and quick!

So now we have less than two months to go! I just have to sort through my newborn stuff and set up the pack and play in our room. And I guess I have to pack a bag and stuff too. Fun!

4 thoughts on “Pregnancy #2: 33 Weeks

  1. Anna

    I can’t believe how soon baby #2 is coming! I also think it’s awesome that Calvin says wow about his little sibling’s heartbeat.

    I also really enjoy topless Calvin in the background of that picture. Hilarious. (Meant in a non-creepy way…)

  2. Chavon

    My appointments are totally the same. I never ask any questions and they are just quick–measure belly, listen to heartbeat, check blood pressure, pee in cup (Not in that order but seems like that’s all we have been doing for 9 months).

  3. Heather

    I love my appointments with my midwife. They are scheduled for an hour, though we don’t always use all the time. We chat about all sorts of stuff, and she gives me the low down on all the tests, which I can decline if I wish. I haven’t had to pee in a cup since my first appointment. So much nicer than the rush of visiting my doctor.

    1. Larissa Sevenhuysen Post author

      I would have considered having a midwife for this pregnancy for that more personal, not so clinical feeling, but they do not deliver in hospitals here in Alberta unfortunately, and I am not interested in a home birth.


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