Photo Scavenger Hunt

Tim decided to make me a photo scavenger hunt to keep myself busy while he is away, and probably also so he could get more photos of Calvin. :)

UPDATE: Not all the items got completed for a couple good reasons. One, I got busy with meeting up with people (yay!), and two, Tim came home a little bit earlier than expected (YAY!).

Here is the list he came up with:

  • Calvin making a snow angel in his snowsuit (completed)
  • Calvin and mommy sharing an ice cream cone
  • Mommy and Calvin wearing some of each other’s clothes (completed)
  • Calvin and mommy upside-down together (completed)
  • Calvin shovelling the driveway
  • A walk in the park
  • Calvin and Max going for a ride
  • Mommy and Calvin’s best artwork (Mommy can help Calvin draw!) (completed)
  • Calvin helping mommy make dinner (completed)
  • Calvin talking to Oma on the phone or Skype
  • Calvin talking to Grandma on the phone or Skype
  • Go, Canucks, go! (A photo that represents this idea.)
  • Calvin and Mommy meeting Wayne Gretzky’s statue at Rexall Place
  • Calvin and Mommy playing video games together. (Bonus point if it isn’t on the iPad!)
  • Calvin making a new friend
  • Mommy and Calvin reading books (completed)
  • Calvin beating up Uncle Jordan (completed)
  • Calvin getting a shoulder ride from Auntie Michelle (completed)
  • Mommy and Calvin’s funniest faces!
So over the next week or more, I will be completing these tasks. The snow related ones will probably have to be done in the next couple days since it looks like it will be warming up. But these all sound like fun things to do and will keep me busy and some will get me out of the house! I think it will be fun!

A photo of us on our road trip honeymoon, just ’cause I miss him.


7 thoughts on “Photo Scavenger Hunt

  1. McKate

    That is the sweetest most thoughtful thing I’ve heard of in a long time. Tim you are such a sweetheart! Larissa, you deserve every drop of it! It’s making me so happy! I feel like I am at your wedding again.

  2. Aunt Anneliese

    Love that last photo of you two and the ne of Calvin in the snowsuit! What a great scavenger hunt idea! What of Calvin’s wardrobe will you be wearing, I wonder? Socks on your fingers?


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