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Last week I got an email from Shutterfly (I am on their mailing list) letting me know that they had a free book special on! It was valid for a hard cover 8×8 book. Of course I had to jump on that, and it was perfect because with Calvin’s birthday coming up, I could do the whole book of his first year! So I quickly got to work since I only had a couple days until the coupon code was no longer valid.

I just finished and ordered it, and am excited for it to come! I have made one other book like this, when I got the same offer from TripAdvisor as a thank you for writing travel reviews. It was supposed to be for making a photo book of vacation memories, but I used it for wedding photos instead. What can I say, I didn’t have any wedding photos printed yet, so I took advantage of an opportunity given to me.

These books are nowhere near fancy, and I really don’t put that much effort into them (especially¬†this new one since I could really only work on it during nap time), but they are fun to have and flip through once in a while.



I find Shutterfly okay to use. There are things that I would change if I had a choice, but it does the trick.

Have you made photo books online? What sites do you use?

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  1. Melissa

    That’s so awesome that you got a free book :) We started using photo books as Christmas gifts for grandparents and great grandparents our first Christmas with Karys and it has now become somewhat of a tradtion. I use Costco’s online photo lab to do the books and find it quite easy to work with and appreciate that they offer a fairly wide selection of themes and sizes (they also often have sales around holidays which help keep presents within budget.) My SIL uses London Drugs and I find the quality of their books (mainly the paper) is better than the Costco books, the price is a bit more expensive.


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