Folding Towels

When I worked at the hotel, I spent a fair amount of time in the laundry room when housekeeping was short on hands. This is where I learned the best way to fold towels. If you are like me, towels would typically get folded in half with the ends together a couple times until it is your desired size.

But I have a way to fold them if you want them to look a bit more attractive in a pile! Here’s how:
1. Fold in thirds lengthwise
2. Depending on the size of the towel, fold up in thirds, like I have done for this smaller hand towel, or in half then half again for larger bath towels.

There you go! The only negative thing about this method is that it is difficult to do in the air, like the tried and true way I used to fold them. You either need table or counter space, or just use the floor.

Here are my guest towels, looking all pretty, waiting for our next guests (which happen to be my parents who are coming tomorrow!).

And when you are consistent with your folding technique, your linen closet will look tidy and organized.

Yes, I also learned how to fold sheets. I do know how to do fitted sheets, but I am not the greatest at it. And I don’t have extras, so I never have to fold any. But if you are interested, my aunt has great instructions on how to fold fitted sheets.

Happy folding!


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