Calvin Talking

Calvin has a small, and slowly growing vocabulary. I love every single one of his words and phrases. It’s so cute, and fun to watch him learn and experiment with sounds.

He says the normal “mamma”, “dadda”, “ball”, “up”etc. And he has the common problem of replacing Ls with Ys. So words like “hello” and “please” come out as “heyo” and “peas”.

The fun part is that there are a couple sentences he says. I don’t think he knows they are sentences, just a long word. They are demonstrated in the video below.

You can probably figure it out, but his sentences are “where did it go?” that sounds like “go go go?” and “there it is!”that sounds like, well, I don’t know how to write it. Haha!

Oh, and his counting! “Doo, doo, doo, go!” He loves to count down (up? who can tell?) to jumping, throwing, running, kicking…I love that he has the counting intonation.

Anyways, that’s what Calvin is up to. Growing up into a big boy.

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