BC Holiday: Day 9

My dad always wakes up early and has some morning yerba mate. Calvin loves that he can be a part of this! Victor probably will one day too.6 collage 1 The rest of the morning was once again spent outside. Calvin got to go kayaking with Grandpa and Victor had a turn at the tire swing, which he loved!6 collage 2 That afternoon, I picked up Michelle and we headed off to the island. I was originally going to go on Monday morning all on my own, but it worked out that we could go at the same time on Sunday, and how wonderful it was to have an extra pair of hands! When we got to her place that evening, Calvin right away made himself useful and watered the flowers.6 collage 3For the next days’ post, click the link below this post.

One thought on “BC Holiday: Day 9

  1. Monika Thiessen

    I really enjoy seeing/reading about your BC holiday from your view point. And I love those pics of Dad and Calvin having mate. Calvin looks like he’s sharing a good story with Grandpa!


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