BC Holiday: Day 12

Two days before the wedding. Another busy day. The morning was spent decorating cupcakes that had been made a few days before, as well as preparing some food for the rehearsal dinner. We were kept so busy that the only way I know what my boys were up to is by looking at the photos. Calvin was playing the drums with his auntie, and Tim was…hanging out with the animals?9 collage 1 I have no recollection of what went on in the afternoon, but Tim’s siblings had reserved a nearby campsite (Living Forest in Nanaimo, if you are interested…it was a great camp ground) for that evening and night. I went for dinner, came back to the house to put Victor to bed, went back to have s’mores, then returned once again for the night. 9 collage 2 9 collage 3For the next day’s post, click the link below this post.

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