A Fresh Hallway

Over two years of owning this house, and I finally painted another area! And it took about a month, but it’s done now, and it feel soooo good! It is so much lighter and brighter and I love it! Here are some before and afters for your enjoyment. Yes, we have mismatched doors.

hallyway b&a 1

I took these befores so long ago that Victor was still crawling!

I took these befores so long ago that Victor was still crawling!

Painting trim is not the most fun, and if you  look at it closely, it could use one more coat, but I’m no perfectionist, so I’m not going to worry about it. I highly recommend not being a perfectionist. It makes life a lot easier.
DSC_0203I also did one wall in the living room. The one wall that was the same dark brown as all the trim. So glad to be gone with that brown!living room b&a 1Next to be painted will be the rest of the living room and finally will be the master bedroom, and then that yellow and brown will be completely gone! But who knows when that will happen.

5 thoughts on “A Fresh Hallway

  1. Karissa

    Looks great! Amazing how paint can make a space look so much wider! I think our house had that same brown on two of the walls when we moved in. The previous owners chose to pair it with a mustard yellow on the other two walls. We re-painted in a white as well!

  2. Anna

    Painting trim is the WORST. I think replacing it would be less work but then it’s no longer a naptime activity.

    Your house looks so good! Hurray for getting rid of the poop colours!

    1. Larissa Sevenhuysen Post author

      I’ve definitely thought about replacing it all. It’s actually funny. Since pairing all the trim, I’ve come to see how many different types are used in our house. And I wonder why the best stuff is in the closets.


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