We Are Homeowners

So, we bought a house!

I’m just as surprised as you are! Two weeks ago we were in Manitoba, thinking we would start hitting up Kijiji to find a place to rent for August. However, before we got home on Monday night, we revisited the offer from a family member to help us buy. Having always been a very small single income family (mine for the first year of our marriage while Tim finished his Masters Degree, and his for the past year after Calvin came along), we weren’t in a position to do it on our own. But when we thought about it, it only made sense to get into the market now instead of paying rent for a few more years to come.

So on Tuesday, just shy of two weeks ago, I called a realtor and we set up a meeting for the following evening. We saw our first two homes on the Thursday night. After seeing those two, I was left feeling a little discouraged. One was too far gone for us to move into right away, and as you all know, we were wanted out of our current place at the end of the month. The second place was in good shape, but it was way on the north side of town and I felt somewhat isolated out there, away from the small handful of people I know, and the areas I am familiar with.

We booked an appointment to see more places on Sunday afternoon, one week ago. I had prayed that morning that we would feel more optimistic after seeing these homes than the last time we went out, and the sermon that morning was on God’s provision, which was a good reminder, although something I have never forgotten. We had about half a dozen homes scheduled to see. After leaving the first one, I felt better already. I remember saying to Tim, “I would be happy living here.” And none of the other places quite measured up to that one.

We called the realtor to book another appointment to see the house for a second time on Tuesday evening, then followed up with an offer after that! We had an accepted offer by Wednesday afternoon, and booked an inspection for this afternoon. We weren’t expecting any major surprises, since the house seemed well taken care of, and we were right.

One bonus of this house is that it is vacant, so we are able to have the really quick possession date of July 31! I don’t think we could be in a more perfect situation in regards to timing. The majority of the other houses had either a thirty day possession date or 90 days for the homes with tenants in them (because that is the right way to do things).

And that’s another thing…we could only afford a home if it had a suite, so we are not only becoming home owners, we are also becoming landlords!

We are very excited for this next adventure, and are so thankful to God for all he has provided us with in his perfect timing!

And if you don’t hear from me in the next two weeks, it’s because I got buried by boxes.

8 thoughts on “We Are Homeowners

  1. Anna

    Hurray! I’m so happy for you guys. I also hope you turn a huge profit on this place when you sell it next year and move into the house next to ours (hint hint). Congrats!

  2. Jen

    Hi Larissa! I guess I should introduce myself so I stop being a creeper on your blog… haha. I knew Tim and Michelle back in Victoria in 2008 and I somehow stumbled upon your blog, maybe from facebook and mutual friends or something! Anyway, I enjoy reading about your everyday life… because it’s quite similar to mine in some ways! We have an 18 month old little girl and I am due with our second in 2 weeks.. I am a stay at home mom and love it! Anyway, here’s me de-lurking myself… :) have a good day!


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